Perform operations on users, groups, roles and meetings via the Workflow Automator



Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

User Management

  1. Get User Details with Email

  2. Get User Details with ID

  3. Activate User with Email

  4. Activate User with ID

  5. Deactivate User with Email

  6. Deactivate User with ID

  7. Update Users Password with Email

  8. Update Users Password with ID

  9. Delete User with Email

  10. Delete User with ID

  11. Create User

  12. Create User Outside Managed Domain

  13. Create Standalone User

  14. Create SSO User

  15. Update User with Email

  16. Update User with ID

  17. Get Users Token with Email

  18. Get Users Token with ID

  19. Delete Users Assistants with Email

  20. Delete Users Assistants with ID

  21. Update Users Email using Email

  22. Update Users Email using ID

  23. Delete Users Specified Assistant with Email

  24. Delete Users Specified Assistant with ID

  25. Get Granted Permissions for User with Email

  26. Get Granted Permissions for User with ID

  27. Revoke Users SSO Token with Email

  28. Revoke Users SSO Token with ID

Meeting Management

  1. Get Meeting Details

  2. Add Meeting Registrant

  3. Delete Meeting

  4. Create Meeting

Group Management

  1. Create Group

  2. Update Group

  3. Get Group Details

  4. Delete Group

  5. Add Group Member

  6. Update Group Member

  7. Delete Group Member

Role Management

  1. Create Role

  2. Update Role

  3. Get Role

  4. Delete Role

  5. Assign Role To Member

  6. Unassign a Member Role

  7. Validate Credentials


Create a JWT application in your Zoom account by filling in the basic details.

Installation Parameters

To install and authenticate this app, you need to acquire a JWT token.

  1. Go to Zoom marketplace apps section 

  2. Select your JWT application 

  3. Under App Credentials > JWT Token > Copy the token


No scopes are needed as your app will only have access to the information within your Zoom account


Now that you've successfully installed the Zoom orchestration app, please have a look at the sample use case below to show how the app can be used efficiently.