Note: This integration is available for Orchestration and SaaS Management.

The Slack app lets you automate repeatable actions within Freshservice and also helps you track accurate usage information for SaaS Management.


Orchestration apps give you the ability to automate several repeatable actions that span across a diverse set of systems by performing specific actions with Freshservice Workflows. With the Slack app you can perform operations such as post messages to channels when:

  • A high priority ticket is raised

  • An approval is needed

  • A ticket is assigned.

With the Slack app you can perform actions for:

1. User Management

- Lookup User By Email(Find a user with an email address)

- Get User Info

- Get User Presence

- Invite User

- Update User

- Deactivate User

2. Channel Management

- Create Channel

- Archive Channel

- Add User to Channel

- Add User to Channel by Email

- Remove User from Channel

3. Chat Management

- Get Conversations History

- Attach Conversation History to Ticket Note

- Post a Message

SaaS Management

Note: This feature requires the SaaS Management Add-on. Know more

Freshservice’s direct integration with Slack enables accurate and reliable user and usage discovery directly from the source application instead of relying on just log in to track the same. Integrating with Slack gives you a range of data including:

To track and manage Slack usage better, we calculate the usage percentage is calculated using the following parameters:

  • Reactions added

  • Messages posted

  • Channel messages posted

  • Slack calls made

Note: This is applicable only if you’re on Slack’s Enterprise plan. If you’re using the Slack Pro and Business plans, we will continue calculating the usage percentage using login data only.

To set up this integration, you can follow the instructions here.