When you manage your SaaS applications in an independent environment, quickly acting on them becomes cumbersome as your service management tools will be decoupled from it. 

With Freshservice, take insight-driven actions with scalable automation and integrated service delivery to increase ROI right from areas where you can reduce SaaS spend. With SaaS management you can:

  • Identifying areas to slash costs and take actions right from within Freshservice

  • Automate optimization actions with orchestration apps in workflows.

How do we enable this in Freshservice?

When you want to act on optimizing usage for an application, say de-provision a user license, you would want to maintain a record of the same as an activity log. Also, there might be multiple teams involved and you will have to assign the de-provisioning request to the right teams.

To enable integrated service delivery to optimize application usage, your actions are created as service requests can be routed and assigned to the right teams or automatically resolved by setting up a workflow.

SaaS Actions service item

For all accounts with SaaS management add-on enabled, a service item is added for SaaS Actions under SaaS Management category in the service catalog. This service item will be used to capture the actions you initiate from the software module and will not be visible to your employees. 

  • Freshservice auto-populates this item with an App Actions field with a set of common actions that can be performed on SaaS Apps. 

  • You can edit this service item to add more actions or to add more fields to the form.

Note: If you delete this service item or rename it (or don’t find this in your service catalog), your SaaS actions will not work as expected in your Software module. If you delete the service item, you can set it up by:

  • Head to Assets > Software. 

  • Click on any SaaS application, and select users and click on Take Action.

  • In the side pane, you will find the option to create the service item with just a click.

How do I take action?

  • Navigate to Assets > Software and click on the required application.

  • Click on the Users tab, and select the users you want to act on and click the Take action button 

  • Now select the action to be performed and add any other details required:

    • App Name: Automatically updated based on the app

    • App Action: Select the action to be initiated. Example: Deprovision user

  • Click on Initiate Action once you choose the required actions.

  • Now, Freshservice will create service requests for every user to take the action you had selected. You can preview them, and click on Done to complete the process. 

  • The Service Requests created in the previous step can now be actioned manually by an agent or automatically resolved by setting up workflows and leveraging Orchestration apps.