To reset the secret key of an Orchestration server, please follow the steps below:

  1. Stop the Orchestration Server’ service

  1. Go to Freshservice portal and Click on the orchestration server you want to reset the secret key (eg: we need to reset secret key for New York Server)

  1. Click on Reset Secret Key, then Click on Proceed once done copy the Secret Key 

  1. Go to Installation Destination folderOrchestration ServerClick on osr folder

  1. Go inside Config Folder, you will find OSR.CONF file,

  1. Edit it and change the Secret key value (by pasting the new value of secret key you copied after regenerating Orchestration server in Step3) and save the file.

  1. Go to Services Tray and Restart the ‘Orchestration Server’ service.

  1. Go back to Freshservice portal and check the Orchestration server you have reset the key and confirm that the server is back online.