Note: This integration is available only for SaaS Management.

Freshservice’s direct integration with Dropbox for SaaS Management enables you to track and manage users using Dropbox directly within Freshservice. Integrating with Dropbox enables you to:

  • Track your Dropbox for Business plan and the current usage of that plan

  • Track users and how frequently they use Dropbox (not just by login, but also create/update files in Dropbox) to identify inactive users for deprovisioning

This integration requires the SaaS Management Add-on. Know more 

Note: You need to have a Dropbox for Business plan for this integration to work. Only Dropbox admins can configure the integration.

Setting up the Dropbox integration with Freshservice

  1. Go to Admin -> Apps -> Dropbox-SaaS Management and install it.

  2. Once it’s installed, click on Add New

  3. Using Config Name, give a unique name for this account’s integration with Freshservice. This name is only for your reference to manage your integrations with multiple zoom instances.

  4. Paste the Token from the Dropbox admin console

    Steps to get the Dropbox Token

  • Navigate to the developer portal and click on Create App

  • Create an app with Scoped Access to Full Dropbox, give a name to the app, and complete app creation

  • In the permissions tab, provide the following permissions for the app 



    • team_data.member


    • sessions.list


  • For the Authentication to the App, generate an access token with no expiration 


  1. Enable the SaaS Discovery section and provide the Freshservice Domain Name & the Agent API Key
    Note: To know more about what SaaS Discovery is, click here.

  2. Click Verify

  3. Once the verification is successful, Click Add and complete the installation by clicking on Install