Once you receive your purchased items, your next step would be to replenish your inventory with all the received items. Using Freshservice, restock your inventory right from your purchase orders in a single click. 

How do you do this?

  • Once you receive the ordered items, click on Add to Inventory.

Note: You can add items to inventory only when your purchase order is in a partly received or received status.

  • Now select the received product to be added to the inventory. 

  • Hardware Assets: Enter the number of items to be added to the inventory and all the asset details required for the product. Click Next once done.

  • Now enter an asset tag and serial number for the assets. If the fields aren’t set to be mandatory, you can skip entering the details and Freshservice will automatically create an asset tag for these assets. Click Add to Inventory once done.

  • Consumable Assets: You can either create a new consumable asset or update the quantity of an existing one. Enter the quantity of the consumables to be added, the required information to create the asset, and click on Add to Inventory.

Note: When you add a new consumable asset, only one asset entry is made in the inventory, and its quantity is captured within the entry. 

  • You can now find the received items created in your inventory. You can view the associated purchase orders right from the assets.

  • You can also track all your received assets right from your purchase orders from the Assets Received tab.

Note: The asset types are automatically recognized based on the products you add to the purchase order. Add to inventory option is currently supported only for these asset types: hardware and consumable assets. All child types of the same are also supported.