ServiceBot (with virtual agent) allows agents and requesters to create tickets from Microsoft Teams and also get notified of all ticket updates. 

On asking the ServiceBot a question, it can suggest service items to the user and give them the option to create a request from Microsoft Teams.

Check out the help article for orchestration if you want to know more about how to set up workflows that automate the action of adding a user to a group

What can you do using the bot?

  1. Getting help on IT issues:

Employees can message Servicebot just like how they would interact with a Service desk agent for help. Servicebot will show relevant solution articles to user queries based on user intent.

If the user finds the suggested solution article not helpful for a specific query, Servicebot will point them to the incident form to report the issue.

Note: Microsoft Teams has a 28KB chat message limit. This includes plain text, text formatting, and attachments. If only plain text, the character limit is 100K. Learn more

2. Service request fulfilment:

Employees can ask Servicebot for software, account or any access related requests.

Servicebot will interface with Freshservice and show the relevant service item forms matching user queries. 

Users are also given an option (Raise a request) to choose from the service catalog if the suggested service item form by ServiceBot is not the most relevant one for the user query.

3. On-Demand concierge:

In addition to interacting with Servicebot for reporting IT issues and requesting services, users can also make use of the below Servicebot commands to check ticket status and approve/reject pending requests.

For AgentsFor Requesters

Show my tickets  (Agents can see both tickets assigned to them as well as submitted by them)

Show my tickets

Show my approvals

Show my closed tickets

Filter tickets

Show my pending approvals