Freshservice comes with a curated ‘out-of-the-box’ report that helps you understand the performance of the virtual agent. 

Definition of Widgets:

Suggestions - Total number of service items or solution articles suggested by the virtual agent in the last 30 days.

Ticket Deflected -  Tickets that were deflected by the virtual agent by suggesting a solution article to the requester. This excludes the suggestions that were marked unhelpful by the requester.

Tickets created using virtual agent - Number of tickets with their source as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Suggestions by intent - shows the distribution of suggestions

Unanswered questions - displays the number of questions the virtual agent was not able to answer. Service desk managers can use this information to create solution articles and service items to improve the deflection and coverage of the virtual agent.

Unhelpful suggestions -  Suggestions that are marked as unhelpful by the requesters. This includes solution article suggestions for which the user clicked “Not helpful” and service item suggestions where the user didn’t place a service request against one of the suggested items.