There is no one size fits all approach to project management.

Everyone is different, and everyone on your project team will do things a little differently. 

With the right bird’s eye view of your projects and tasks, project management is made seamless and precise, especially in a scaling environment.

Freshservice’s project management lets you use modern views to plan and execute your projects better. 

It will allow you to switch between three different Views.

  • Kanban Board - this view allows you to visually see your tasks column by column (swimlanes)  so you can visualize and track progress visually

  • List View - this displays tasks in a list view

  • Group View - this view allows you to group tasks by top task. You can view all the tasks in a checklist format under one parent category.

Kanban Board

Boards let you organize your work like sticky notes that you can move across columns. They give you a clean, visual overview, with all the same power of a project in List View. Add items to your board, then drag and drop to move the workaround or track it through multiple stages. 

How to switch to Kanban view?

Select the Kanban view from the views menu in your projects module.

Creating swimlanes for your board

Swimlanes helps you create the different statuses or stages in which your tasks have to be moved to on your Kanban board. To create or edit them,

  • Click on Add columns on the top right corner of your board.

  • You can move around columns by dragging them to the required position.

  • To create a new column click on +Add column

  • Edit the name of the column based on your requirements and press Enter to save it.

  • Map a project status with your column. 

Note: To create a new status click on the project you want. Click on the More menu, and select Settings. You can add statuses from the status tab.

Click on Save to update your board with the new columns.

Creating Filters

When you work on a project, at times you would want to view a subset of tasks to derive insights. To enable this, you can filter your tasks based on various criteria. To filter tasks,

  • By default you have two filters namely My tasks and All tasks. You can view them from the Filters menu.

  • To create a new filter, click on the filter icon.

  • Set up the filter criteria that you require.

  • Now you can save this filter as a board by clicking on the save filter as  icon.

  • Enter a name for your filter and select its visibility.

  • Now you can view your new filter from the filters menu on your kanban board.

Group View

In the group view, you can view the tasks grouped based on the epics they belong to. 

Like in list view, you can also sort and filter tasks within a task list based on your requirements.

Note: Task lists are called Epics in Business Projects.

Creating a Task list

  • Click on +new to create a task list.

Creating tasks in a list

  • You can create a new task by clicking on +new from the required task list.

  • Enter a name for the task.

  • Once the task is created, you can update the task properties by clicking on it.

List View

In the list view, you can view all the tasks you have in your current project in a single list. To enable this view,

  • Select the List view from the views menu.

  • You can sort the tasks based on the criteria that you would require.

  • You can also use filters to view tasks based on different conditions. 

  • You can create a new task by clicking on +new.

  • Enter a name for the task.

  • Once the task is created, you can update the task properties by clicking on it.