Partials are reusable templates that can be accessed in a multi-page template. Some examples for Partials are :

  1. “loaders” is a partial which is used in templates where we render loaders while waiting for the data from the API.

  2. “ticket_new_form” is a partial used to render ticket fields in the new ticket form.

You can reuse the partials we ship out of the box or create one on your own

Callout: Consider them as the replacements for “snippets” in the liquid templates.

 Placeholders/ Params

The self-service portal has 2 types of placeholders:

  • Global context placeholder -  These placeholders can be accessed in any page template.

  • Dynamic / Local context placeholder - These placeholders are specific to a particular page. These are usually the API response parameters received from the server in a particular page.