Your purchase orders are often reviewed and assessed according to your business needs. With multiple stakeholders involved in processing your purchase orders, you might have to get them on a single page to review and approve purchase orders. 

You can now send out approvals right from the Approvals Tab of a purchase order. You can request stakeholders to approve, and also manage the approvals under the approvals tab. 

  • Navigate to the Approvals Tab of the purchase order for which you need to request approval.

  • Click on +Request Approvals. Now select the stakeholders who need to approve your purchase order. You can add both the agents and requesters in your system as approvers.

  • Hit the Request button to send out the approval request.

  • On the top right corner of the approvals tab, you can select how you want your approvals to work from the menu. You can choose one of these options:

      • Everyone has to approve

      • At least one has to approve

      • Majority has to approve

  • You can track and manage all the approvals for a Purchase Order under this tab. You can track the status of the approval and send out reminder emails if required. 

Multi-Stage Approvals

You can create multi-stage approvals to manage your various levels of approval processes you have in place for managing purchases. To do this,

  • Click on +Request Approvals. Every time you create a new approval, you create a new stage of approvals.

  • Once all stakeholders have approved your approval as per your approval set up, you can set up the next stage.

For example: Let’s say in the first approval stage you send your purchase order to 3 stakeholders for approval, and you’ve configured that everyone has to approve. Once all 3 stakeholders have approved, you can create your next stage of approval for this purchase order.

The status of approval for your purchase order will be the status of the final approval stage you’ve setup.

Example: If you have 3 stages of approvals, and the final stage is pending approval this will be the status of the purchase order.

Once you're done getting your approvals in place, you can now receive all the items ordered in a Purchase order.