Changes are instrumental in making operational changes in an organization. Sometimes, changes are initiated by incidents and you would want to set up workflows to act on the tickets associated with the change.

For instance, let’s say your organization has a payroll service and it’s facing a downtime. Tickets are flooding the service desk about it and your admin has determined a server replacement to be the solution.

The admin now associates all these incidents to a change and starts working on it. Once the change lifecycle is complete, and the deployment is successful, the admin would want to close the associated tickets and email the requesters that the payroll service is up and running now. What if this could be automated?

Freshservice now allows you to automate the above by enabling actions on associated tickets in change workflows. The following actions can be performed on associated tickets:

  • Change ticket status

  • Add note

  • Send email to agent 

  • Send email to group

  • Send email to requester

How can you set it up?

  • Click on Admin -> Automation & Productivity -> Automation -> Workflow Automator. 

    • If your account has more than one workspace: 

      To modify global workflows, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Automations & Productivity > Automation > Workflow Automator

      To modify workspace-level workflows, navigate to Admin > Workspace Settings > {Workspace Name} > Automations & Productivity > Automation > Workflow Automator

      Important Note:

      Workspace admins can view the list of global and local workflows applicable to their workspace. 

      The global workflows execute first, followed by the workspace-level workflows, to allow for the workspace-level workflows to take precedence over the global workflow. 

      For example, A global workflow can be configured to route tickets to the right workspace based on the subject/description. 

  • Create a new change workflow by clicking on New Automator -> Change.

  • Let’s set up a workflow for the following usecase: Whenever a change is closed, the associated tickets should be closed with a note and an email should be sent to all the requesters.

  • Drag and drop an Event. Set the event to be “Status is changed” from “Any” to “Closed”.

  • Set a Condition to be Change type is Major.

  • Drag and drop an Action. Select Associated tickets from Perform these Actions on drop down menu. Now you can define actions like closing the tickets once the change is closed, add a note to the ticket and also send emails to the requesters. Click on Activate to enable the workflow.