Collaboration apps play an integral role in fostering a streamlined platform for teams to work together. Freshservice introduces the MicrosoftTeams integration, making ticket resolution faster than ever before by bringing your tickets’ context right within your collaboration platform. The integration also simplifies the service-request approval process by enabling one-click approvals.

The MS Teams integration comes with our Freshservice Bot a.k.a the ServiceBot which can push notifications to MS Teams about new tickets to agents/groups. or can also be used to update or respond to the tickets. With streamlined updates about tickets being piped into Microsoft Teams, agents can collaborate and respond to tickets faster without having to toggle between windows.

How Can You Set up the Integration?

Setting up the Freshservice-Microsoft Teams integration is a two-step process - first, setup the Microsoft Teams app in your Freshservice account. Next, you can add the bot in your Teams tenant. 

Step 1: Setup the Microsoft Teams app on Freshservice

  • Under the Admin Tab, click on Apps under Service Desk Productivity. 

  • Click on Get More Apps and search for Microsoft Teams. Click on Install to get started with the integration.

  • You will be redirected to the Microsoft login page where you can sign in using your Microsoft Team’s admin’s credentials.

  • Now, choose the ticket actions for which you want notifications to be pushed into your Microsoft Teams and click on Enable. 

Step 2: Setup the ServiceBot by Freshservice in Microsoft Teams

  • Login to your Microsoft Teams account and click on Apps on the sidebar. Search for ServiceBot and click on it.

To add the Bot to your Direct message (individual scope):

  • Click on Add in the ServiceBot Pop-up window. You will be redirected to the ServiceBot conversation in your chats. You can now start a conversation with the Bot (Type Help to know what commands can be used).

To add the Bot to your Teams:

  • Click on the Dropdown button next to Add and select Add to a team.

  • Next, select the Channel to which you want to add the Bot.

  • Now, the Bot will be added to the Team and the channel that you have selected. Here you can choose the Freshservice group that has to be associated with your Team. Please make sure that the user trying to associate the Freshservice Group to the corresponding Team in Microsoft Team is an agent in the respective Freshservice Group. 

  • You can now start a conversation with the Bot (Type @servicebot Help to know what commands can be used).

Head’s up! 

  • The email address used with your Microsoft Teams profile and with Freshservice should be the same.

  • Users in Microsoft Teams can interact with the ServiceBot only if they are activated users in Freshservice.

  • Approvers for Service Requests on Microsoft Teams needn’t be agents in Freshservice.  

Bot Commands 

In Teams

The following Bot commands can be used with an @mention to the ServiceBot.