Here are the steps to set up a Scenario Automation as an Admin in Freshservice:

  1. Go to Admin > Automations & Productivity > Automations > Scenario Automator.
  2. Click New Rule to create a new scenario automation.
  3. Provide the scenario name and description.
  4. Select the actions that you want the automation to perform. For example, you can create a scenario to Mark a Ticket's Priority as “High”, “Assign to the Service Desk Monitoring Team”.
  5. Set the visibility of the automation to "Myself" if you want to keep it private, or "All agents" if you want all agents to be able to use it, or "Agents in group" if you want only the agents in your group to use the automation.
  6. Click Save.

    Setting up scenario automations as an Admin
    For detailed information, please refer to our solutions article on creating a new scenario automation.