As a user in Freshservice, you may want to freeze certain change properties once a change request has been approved to ensure certain details related to your product or service are not accidentally changed once they are approved. 

You can use Freshservice to set up a business rule that will prevent people from editing certain fields after approval. 

Setting up a business rule to lock the properties once change is approved

Alternatively, you can configure the change lifecycle using the Lock fields option so that certain fields can only be edited during specific stages. For example, you can freeze required fields (e.g., rollout plan) under a status (e.g. planning) in the lifecycle of a change request. This ensures that users cannot accidentally make changes to crucial fields once the change has progressed to a later stage.

Configuring the change lifecycle using the Lock fields option

Please refer to our solution article on managing the change lifecycle for detailed information on leveraging the lock field option.