The Freshservice Discovery tools can be used to assign devices to your users automatically. This will allow you to keep the asset assignment details always up to date in Freshservice. 

Once the Asset Auto Assignment feature is enabled under Admin -> Discovery -> Settings -> Asset Auto Assignment, the Used By and Department fields of the assets will be updated automatically. 

Pre-requisites for Asset Auto Assignment to work:

  • Devices such as laptops and desktops should be discovered using the Freshservice Discovery Probe or the Discovery Agent
  • The Active Directory integration should be used to sync users to Freshservice
  • Your users should login to their devices using domain credentials.

Note: Auto Assignment only works for Windows devices.

How Asset Auto Assignment works:

  • The Used By and Department will now be updated every time the discovery tools identify a new user has logged in to the device.
    • Freshservice compares the user who is logged in to the device with the user details synced from the AD 
    • If a match is found, the Used By field of the device is updated to the user who is logged in to the device
    • If the user record in Freshservice is linked to only one department, the Department field will also be updated. Otherwise, the department will be left blank

Exclude Users:

Your service desk agents may have to log in using devices to perform some configuration changes or troubleshoot issues. To ensure that these users are not assigned to the devices, you can add them to the Exclude users list.