Table of contents

1. Asset Assignment History Overview

2. Understanding Asset Assignment History

3. View Asset Assignment History

4. Key Terminology in Asset Assignment History

1. Asset Assignment History Overview

Asset assignment history is a critical aspect of asset management, especially for organizations looking to streamline auditing processes and gain insights into the lifecycle of their assets.  Users can now access comprehensive asset assignment history records detailing the usage of each asset over its lifespan.

2. Understanding Asset Assignment History

Every time the "Used by" field changes, a new assignment history record is automatically generated. This gives a clear understanding of who has used the asset and when the asset assignment took place.

For example, if a laptop is reassigned from David Baptiste to Izzy Higgins, a new assignment history record is created to reflect this change. Agents can then track the asset's journey from its initial provisioning to its current assignment.

3. View Asset Assignment History

1. Navigate to Admin → Assets → Inventory and click on an asset from the asset list view page. 

2. Select the Assignment option from the asset view page.

4. To view the asset assignment history for a particular requester, click on the requester profile from the assignment history page. 

Note: Users can also navigate to Admin → Requesters → Requester profile to check the asset assignment history for a particular user. 

4.  Key Terminology in Asset Assignment History

The Asset Assignment History feature offers comprehensive insights into asset usage, detailing how assets are assigned and unassigned by your team. Here are the standard terms used when you look up an asset assignment history in Freshservice. 

Asset property


Assigned By

The individual who initiated the assignment by setting the "Used By" attribute.

Unassigned By

The person who modified or cleared the "Used By" attribute, thus initiating unassignment.

Used by set on

The timestamp when the assignment action was executed.

Assigned on

Represents the timestamp recorded in the asset record, indicating the date of assignment for the respective user.

Unassigned on

Specifies the timestamp corresponding to the unassignment action.

Assigned To

Specifies the user who was either assigned to or unassigned from the asset.