Note: We've updated our pricing and packaging. This feature is available from Blossom plan for customers who signed up before Nov 2nd 2020.

IT service teams receive numerous requests daily, juggling responses and prioritizing tasks to provide optimal services. While customer gratitude is appreciated, automatically reopening resolved tickets upon customer response can disrupt productivity. This leads to skewed ticketing metrics and overwhelming 'Thank you' messages, turning into a major challenge for maintaining service desk efficiency.

This is why we’ve come up with a simple, but robust solution - the Thank You Detector.

Powered by Freddy, our savvy AI buddy, the Thank You Detector can be set up using Freshservice’s Workflow Automation. Freddy can intuitively detect when your end-users respond with a ‘Thank You’ and will keep resolved or closed tickets at bay or from re-opening.

Now that Freddy is around, you wouldn’t have to go through a tedious process of manually closing such tickets. Let’s look at how this can be set up within your service desk. 


Setting up Thank You Detector using Workflow Automation

You can set up the Thank You Detector either by modifying/editing the existing workflow for Reopen tickets when the requester responds or by creating a completely new workflow from scratch if you'd like to. Here's how: 

  1. Sign in with your account credentials to access your service desk.

  2. Click on the Admin Settings button on the left pane and click Workflow Automator under Service Desk Productivity.

To edit an existing workflow to set up Thank You Detector: 

If you have enabled an existing workflow that reopens tickets whenever a requester responds, you can simply add or modify the Condition to set up the Thank You Detector. 

  1. Click on the workflow Reopen tickets when the requester responds. This opens the workflow setup page.
  2. Click Edit on the top-right. 
  3. Click the existing Condition box and click +Add new condition
  4. Enter or Select Freddy Suggestion is not Thank you Message 
  5. Hover over to the match conditions dropdown and select all. 
  6. Click Done.

To create a new workflow to set up Thank You Detector:  

  1. Click New Automator on the top-right and select Ticket from the dropdown. 

  2. Enter a Title and Description and click Create. This will take you to the workflow set up page where you can add an Event, Condition, and Action.

  3. Drag and drop the Event icon in the center and enter or select Reply is sent.
  4. Click the dropdown for These events can be performed by and select Requester.
  5. Click Done and the event gets added.

  6. Similarly, drag and drop the Condition icon
  7. Enter or select Freddy Suggestion is Thank you a message. 
  8. Click +Add new condition and enter or select Status includes Resolved Closed
  9. Hover over to the match conditions dropdown and select all.
  10. Click Doneto add the condition.

  11. Drag and drop the Action icon right next to the Condition added to trigger an action when the condition gets satisfied.
  12. Select Set Status as Closed in the field box and click Done.
  13. Drag and drop the Action icon below the Condition added to trigger an action when the condition doesn’t get satisfied.
  14. Enter or Select Send Email to Agent.
  15. Click the To dropdown and select Assigned Agent. You can also enter a Subject line and Body content.

  16. Click +Add new action and enter Set Status as Open
  17. Click Done to add the action.
  18. Click the Activate button on the top-right and a confirmation message will appear. 
  19. Click Confirm to set off the workflow.

Note: The confidence level threshold for Freddy is set at a greater than 90% limit - which is quite high. This means that ticket statuses will remain resolved/closed only if Freddy is thoroughly confident that a ticket should be resolved/closed.