The user details in AD cannot be synced to Freshservice more than once a day using the default schedule in the discovery probe. You can configure custom schedules to sync information more frequently from AD to Freshservice. 

NoteCreating custom schedules for AD sync is supported from Probe v3.8.0 onwards. If you have an older version of the Discovery Probe, please download and install the latest version of the Probe from the Freshservice application (Admin -> Discovery -> Probe).

Here's how:

Create a Task in Task scheduler with the following details:
  • In Security options -> This task should be run as a administrator user.  So select an admin user under user account and select the check box Run with highest privileges
  • In Actions Tab, click New Action button. In the action drop down, select Start a Program, click on Browse and select FSScheduler.exe file from the Probe install location.
  • In the Arguments Box give the argument "ADUsersImport<space><your domain name>". (The domain name can be obtained from the Freshservice Probe. Open Probe window, click on Domains tab and you can find the domain name under Domain/WorkGroup column. Please use the exact name in the arguments.)
  • Configure your own schedule behavior under triggers