A Release is essentially a collection of authorized Changes to an IT service, which are tested and introduced into the live environment together. Once a change has been approved, release management plans, schedules and controls the movement of the release so that the the integrity of the live environment is protected. This is how Release Management works in Freshservice.

Creating Releases

You can create a release for an existing change, from the change’s detailed view. You can also create a new, isolated release and link changes to it later.

To create a release, 

  1. Click on + icon (New) in the top-right corner and click Release.

  1.  Enter the details for the release in the form and click on Save.

Adding changes to a release

Once a release is in the pipeline, adding all the associated changes to the release, helps plan the release better. If the release was already created from a change’s detailed view, it is linked to the release automatically. You can add the others manually.

To add a change to a release:

  1. Go to the release’s detailed view and click on Changes under the description.

  2. To link a related change to the release, click on Link New. (If there already are changes linked to the release, click on Existing Change)

The linked changes can now be viewed by clicking on the Changes button in the release’s detailed view. If a change needs to be removed from this list, hover over it, click on the ‘minus’ sign next to it and click Detach.

Adding build plan and test plan

Once a change is approved and the release is awaiting deployment, you need to plan ahead and make sure you’re ready to face any possible disruptions to the deployment.

On the release’s detailed view, you can add the following planning details:

  • Build plan

  • Test plan

To add a build plan and a test plan

  1. To add these details to the release, visit the release’s detailed view and click in the corresponding box.

  1. Enter the information and format it. Attach any relevant file that might provide additional
    information by clicking on Attach file. Click Add once done.