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You can think of a ticket as a case-sheet that contains the entire history of an issue- right from
the minute it was reported to the time it gets closed.

Tickets are classified into two distinct categories- Incidents and Service Requests.

  • An incident can be defined as an unplanned interruption to (or a reduction in the quality
    of) an IT service. An issue with the WiFi, for instance, is an incident.
  • A service request is a request from a user for information, advice, a standard change or
    access to an IT Service. The most common example, arguably, is the good old password
    reset request.

Every ticket carries a unique ID that differentiates it from the rest. The ticket ID has two parts: The ticket type indicator and the number, for example in INC-123, INC stands for incident and 123 is the ticket number. All modules in Freshservice use the same scheming to generate unique identifiers.

The type indicators are:

  • INC- Incident
  • SR- Service Request
  • PRB- Problem
  • CHN- Change
  • REL- Release

Creating Tickets

Freshservice allows for the creation of tickets through 3 main channels:

  1. End User Portal - Users can raise an incident or a service request from the end user

  2. Email - Your service desk has a specific email address that the account admin set when
    they signed up for Freshservice. When a user sends an email to this address, it
    becomes a ticket automatically.

  3. Phone - When a customer decides to give you a call to report an incident or, for that matter, just walk over to your desk, you can create a ticket on their behalf.

Apart from the above mentioned channels, as an agent, you can also create incident and service requests on behalf of your customers. 

To create a incident ticket or a service request for your customer, log into your Freshservice account and click on the + New button on the top right corner. 

In the screen that follows, fill in the necessary details and click Save