Admin Settings

Admin settings allows you to configure your service desk based on your requirements. 

For easier understanding, the Admin Settings has been classified into nine different sections:

  • General Settings - you can configure basic settings that are necessary for your service desk.
  • Automation & Productivity - Set processes to automate repetitive tasks and be more productive
  • Asset Management - Keep track of your assets, contracts, and vendors, all in one place
  • User Management - Manage agents and requesters
  • Project & Workload Management - Manage project and workload settings for your service desk
  • IT Operations Management - Track and manage the health of your IT Infrastructure Operations
  • Service Management - Manage the end-to-end service delivery configurations for your organization
  • Channels - Manage your support channels - email, phone, chat and more
  • Account Settings - Manage account configurations and customizations for your service desk