With so many incidents and use cases coming in on a regular basis, it is essential for an IT agent to collaborate with his/her team to make quick and efficient decisions. The Discuss feature in Freshservice allows you to chat with your fellow agents, add multiple agents to a conversation and even share files related to a particular ticket.  

 Note: As of now, you can start conversations only from the Tickets module.

Starting a conversation

To start a conversation,

  • Head to the Tickets module from the left sidebar and select the ticket regarding which you wish to discuss with your fellow agents.
  • Click on the Discuss button on the top right corner. Alternatively you can use the Discuss button on the menu bar below the ticket.

  • Add your fellow agents using ‘@’. The autocomplete feature will help you quickly find the fellow agent you are looking for. 

  • Once you find the agent, select him/her and hit Enter.
  • Now, the agent you added to the conversation will be notified through in-app and email notifications.
  • Similarly, you can use ‘@’ to add multiple agents (not more than 20) to a single conversation.

Conversations related to a ticket cannot be viewed when you move out of the ticket. However, when you get back to the ticket and if you have unread messages from other agents, you will be notified using a red dot. You can click on the Discuss button and view the unread messages. 

Replying to Messages

You can reply to specific messages in the conversation using the reply option that is present next to each message. To reply to a message sent by a fellow agent, 

  • Hover the mouse pointer next to the message and click on the arrow icon.

  • Type the reply which you wish to send,  and press Enter.  

File Sharing

As part of the conversation, you can also share files to provide your fellow agents more context regarding a ticket. 

To share file, 

  • Click on the attachment icon on next to the input field. 

  • You will asked to choose the file from the computer. Choose the file and click on the send button. (Arrow icon)

  • You can attach files smaller than 25 MB in size. 

Highlight Mode

Apart from sharing files, you can also highlight specific areas in a ticket which you wish to share with your fellow agents. 

To highlight a specific area in your ticket, 

  • Select a portion of text using your mouse cursor. 

  • Click on the Discuss option that is visible on the top. 

  • The selected text will now be appended to the chat box. 

  • Enter the message that you wish to add to the highlighted area and click Enter

  • The highlighted section, along with your message will now be shared with all the members of the conversation.

Similarly any agent who is part of the conversation can highlight text within a ticket. If you wish to know who had highlighted a particular area, hover the mouse pointer over the highlighted section and you can see their profile picture. You can also click on View Discussion to view the discussion that is associated with the highlighted area.