CTI framework would enable the user to build and integrate telephone system with Freshservice. The integration would provide softphone framework that can be used to build softphone within Freshservice. 


A set of basic APIs would facilitate the user to access customer’s ticket history, take call notes, create Freshservice ticket from customer calls, thereby maintaining context for the entire conversation in Freshservice. 


Please note: 

  • Prior to installing the app, check if the CTI feature has been enabled for your account. If not, contact us at support@freshservice.com to enable the feature.
  • This integration does not provide any kind of softphone functionality. However, it provides an iframe to help build your softphone in Freshservice.
  • The parameters supported are agent_id, ticket_id, requester_id and requester_number.


Softphone IFrame 


The softphone iframe can be used for rendering custom softphones and also enable certain custom features. Currently, Freshservice enables the user to open a particular ticket within Freshservice using the ticket ID from the iframe window. Similarly, the user can view requester information using the corresponding contact ID. 


Configure Softphone IFrame 

  • Log into Freshservice, go to Admin > Apps.

  • Click the CTI settings icon.

  • Turn ON the Enable Softphone Iframe toggle.

  • Enter the Iframe URL. Append the agent_id in order to receive this parameter in your request. Follow the format as shown in the example below:



Note: Currently agent_id is the only supported parameter. 

  • Enter the Width and the Height of the iframe. 

  • Click on the Save button once you're done.


The following table lists the available APIs:



Use API: 

Open the iframe  

window.parent.postMessage({action: "show_softphone"}, '*');  

Open ticket inside freshservice

window.parent.postMessage({action: "open_ticket", value:<TICKET_ID>}, '*');  

Open contact inside freshservice   

window.parent.postMessage({action: "open_contact", value:<CONTACT_ID>}, '*'); 



Configure Click to Dial


The Click to Dial setting enables the user to send the parameters (requester_number, agent_id, ticket_id, and requester_id) when the corresponding field is clicked in the UI.  Follow these steps to configure Click to Dial feature: 

  • Log into Freshservice, go to Admin > Apps.

  • Click the CTI settings icon

  • Turn ON the Configure Click to Dial toggle.

  • Select the Request Type.

  • Enter the Callback URL as shown in the example below: The requester_number will be sent with the request.