Different organizations have their own unique structure for their departments and related functions. Since each department is usually structured differently, a single set of generic fields may not be sufficient to describe a department. Agents often handle incidents and service requests specific to a department and would require more context to resolve the issue effectively.


enableDepartment Fields in Freshservice introduces more flexibility and enables customization in defining departments and thus provides additional context to agents regarding the incident or service request from a particular department. 


Key use cases for adding custom fields


Some of the use cases that would entail the use of custom fields for departments:


  • A service desk admin might need to extend existing department descriptions through custom fields to accommodate new details from a raised incident. 

  • An admin might be required to map company details from different tools (for example a CRM tool) into the service desk in order to have a consistent view of a particular set of entities across a spectrum of tools that are being utilized.

  • An admin might need to introduce new custom fields for departments of an acquired organization. 

  • In order to meet specific compliance or regulatory norms, an admin might need to introduce new custom fields to existing departments.


A quick guide to adding custom department fields or company fields (if you are an MSP)

  1. Login to Freshservice as an Admin. 

  2. Go to the Admin console and click on Departments Fields. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > User management > Department Fields.



       3.   Select the required field type from the following options:

  • Single Line Text

  • Multi-Line Text

  • Checkbox

  • Number

  • Dropdown

  • Phone Number

  • URL

  • Date 

       4.   You can drag and drop a field type to the form or just click and position it later.

       5.   After choosing the required field type, enter its label. If the field should be made mandatory, enable the “required when submitting the form” checkbox.


      5.   In case you are utilizing the Dropdown option, you can provide multiple choices,


     6.  After you’ve added all the required fields, click Done and then click Save. 


The newly added field(s) will be available across departments/companies. Whereas in an analytics data export, only the Department Name field is available along with the Department's Last updated date and the Department Created date. 


1) Can we add multiple department heads while creating a department in Freshservice? 

By default, we can add only one department Head. Having multiple department heads for a single department could potentially create confusion or complications in terms of accountability and decision-making. To enforce a standard practice where each department has a designated head, Freshservice allows only one head per department.