You might have received a notification that your Yammer integration with Freshservice has been disabled. Here’s what could have happened, and more importantly, how you can re-enable it.

How the integration works?

To understand why the integration was disabled, it’s important to first understand what actually happens when you integrate your Yammer account with Freshservice:

The integration involves providing permission to Freshservice to access and update your Yammer data. The ‘access’ part allows Yammer posts where the IT Admin is tagged to be converted to tickets in Freshservice. The ‘update’ part allows for things like Freshservice announcements being posted to Yammer automatically.

When you click on Allow, an access token is sent from your Yammer account and is stored with Freshservice.

Why was the integration disabled?

Now, if the access for Freshservice is revoked from the list of integrated applications in your Yammer account, the access token becomes invalid.

As your Freshservice account is now disconnected from your Yammer account, the integration is disabled in Freshservice. 

So, what can I do to fix it?

You can enable the integration by linking your Yammer account with Freshservice again. This can be done from the Integrations section in your Admin console.