When a major incident that causes a significant disruption to the business is reported, it calls for prompt attention and a quick resolution. 

More often than not, such situations see your service desk receive an endless trail of tickets either for the same issue, or a more superficial issue resulting from it.

Since the original ticket is a bigger priority for the business, you can add all the other ones as child tickets. You can then tackle the parent ticket while keeping the child ticket updated as you progress.

How to add child tickets to the incident

  1. From the ticket's detailed view, go to Related Tickets tab and click on Add child tickets.
  2. It opens an Add child ticket dialogue box where you can create a New ticket or add an Existing ticket 
  3. To create a new ticket fill in the form and press Save
  4. To add an existing ticket, select the Existing Ticket option. It displays a list of similar incidents based on the subject line
  5. Check the boxed next to the tickets to add them to the parent ticket. You can use the search field to access the ones that are not listed 
  6. Click Add

    7. All the child ticket will get add in the Related ticket section. You can remove tickets from this list by clicking on the corresponding '-' sign

The parent ticket gets linked to all the other ones to help agents distinguish them as child tickets.

How to perform actions on associated child tickets

  • Navigate to Admin -> Workflow Automator -> New Automator -> Ticket. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > {Worskpace Name} >  Workflow Automator > New Automator > Ticket.
  • Drag and drop the event node and select when the Incident is Updated from the drop-down and click Done.
  • Next, drag and drop the condition node and select when the Status is Resolved and click Done. 
  • Finally, drag and drop the action node and select Associated Child Tickets from Perform these actions.
  • Add a Set Status as Resolved and click the "+" to add another action as Add Note.
  • For the description in the note, select the Ticket URL from the placeholders and mention as "Ticket URL is resolved" and click Done and click Activate.