While integrating your AWS account in Freshservice, you’ll be required to provide a Role ARN. Here’s how to get one (You might already be on Step 3. In that case, simply continue from that point):

1. Login to your Freshservice account as an administrator. 

Then Go to Admin > Apps > Get more Apps. Then locate Amazon Web Services App and install it. 

2. Locate Amazon Web Services app and install it.

3. It should take you to a page similar to the one shown below- type a name for this account; you’ll need the Account ID and the External ID in a minute.

4. In a new tab login to your AWS console. Go to Services> Administration & Security> IAM.

5. Go to Roles> Create New Role.

6. Enter a name for the Role and click on Next Step.

7. Click on Role for Cross-Account Access and select Allows IAM users from a 3rd party AWS account to access this account.

8. Enter the Account ID and the External ID (from Step 3). Uncheck the Require MFA box and click on Next Step.

9. Select ReadOnlyAccess in the Attach Policy page and click on Next Step.

10. Now you’ll get the Role ARN. Copy it and click Create Role.

11. Go back to the Freshservice Add AWS Account page (The previous tab- Step 3). Paste the Role ARN there and save the account.

The AWS account is now integrated with your Freshservice account. You can import all the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service (RDS) instances, and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes of your AWS account into Freshservice. You will be able to view their details in the CMDB (under Cloud> AWS).