The Freshservice Discovery Agent helps you keep track of your assets by sending details (and updates) about the machine it is installed on. You can use the PsExec tool to install it on all the machines in a workgroup.

Installing Freshservice Discovery Agent using PsExec Tool

  1. Download the Agent file for Windows from Admin -> Discovery
  2. Create a network share and place the agent in that folder.
  3. Download PSTools and extract the contents of the zip file.
  4. Create a text file named computer.txt in the folder where PSTools were extracted.
  5. Open computer.txt and enter the name or the IP address of the computers on which you want to install the Agent (one entry per line).
  6. Run the following commands where the Agent installer is located. Replace <MSI ABSOLUTE PATH> with the network path.

C:\Your unzipped folder>psexec @computer.txt -e -s -u <USER ACCOUNT> -p <PASSWORD> msiexec /i <MSI ABSOLUTE PATH>


C:\PSEXEC>psexec @computer.txt -e -s -u Admin -p password msiexec /i \\\public\FSAgent.msi 

Alternate steps if Proxy is configured

If you have Proxy configured in your organization, the command in the last step should be replaced with the following

psexec @computer.txt -e -s -u <USER ACCOUNT> -p <PASSWORD> msiexec /i <MSI ABSOLUTE PATH> PROXYSERVER="<proxy server name/ip>” PROXYPORT="<proxy port>" PROXYUSERNAME="<proxy user name>" PROXYPASSWORD="<proxy password>" 


psexec @computer.txt -e -s -u Admin -p password msiexec /i \\\public\FSAgent.msi PROXYSERVER="" PROXYPORT="808" PROXYUSERNAME="Admin" PROXYPASSWORD="Freshservice" 

More information on the Agent (supported OS, Prerequisites, download instruction... etc) can be found here.

To install the Discovery Agent on computers in a domain, use GPO