The LogMeIn Rescue integration allows your agents to provide instant remote support to customers and log session details back in Freshservice. 

Currently, LogMeIn Rescue supports only Windows users for using the Technician Console. The end-user can be in any platform.

1. To integrate LogMeIn Rescue with Freshservice, go to Admin > Apps > Get more Apps. Then locate LogMeln Rescue app in the app gallery and click on install. 

2. To get your Company ID, go to your LogMeIn Rescue Admin Center and navigate to Admin Center > Technician Group > Global Settings > ASP.Net C# server side example

3. To set your technician's SSO email ID, go to LogMeIn Rescue's Admin Center > Technician Group > Select the technician > Organisation > Single Sign-On ID and enter your agents SSO email ID and click on Save Changes

4. To set your SSO password, go to LogMeIn Rescue Admin Center > Technician Group > Global Settings > Single Sign-On > new SSO password. Enter your new SSO password and click on Save Changes to save your SSO password. Now enter your new SSO password in the LogMeIn Rescue Integration settings page.

5. Upon entering your Company ID and SSO password, click on Update in your integration settings to enable the integration.

6. Now, you can view your LogMeIn Rescue widget right below the ticket sidebar in the ticket details page.

7. To get the above widget, make sure the ticket is assigned to an agent and that agent's email should match a technician's SSO ID in LogMeIn Rescue.

8. To get your remote session details with chatlog and other customer details upon completing the remote session, go to LogMeIn Rescue's Admin Center > Technician Group > Settings > Exporting Session Data > Post session details to URL when session is ended by technician and enter the following URL: {FreshserviceURL}/integrations/logmein/rescue_session. Please make sure you have http or https included in your Freshservice URL.

9. Click on New Remote Session to generate a new pincode and copy instructions to the ticket.

10. Send the above instruction to the your customer. When the customer clicks on the instruction link, LogMeIn Rescue downloads and installs an applet to the customer's system.

11. Now, click on the Launch Technician Console directly from the widget to start your LogMeIn Rescue technician console.  

12. When the session status turns to "Waiting" in LogMeIn Rescue's technician console, double click the session to connect to the waiting requester. The session turns to Active now.

13. Now you can view the requester's screen by clicking on Launch Desktop Viewing Session from LogMeIn Windows application.

14. You can also take control over the requester's desktop by clicking on Launch Remote Control Session in LogMeIn Windows application.