The Supervisor in Freshservice allows you to bring in your workflows and define specific actions based on time and event-based triggers in your help desk. For example, when your agents are waiting for additional information from the requester, they would traditionally need to remember the ticket, go back and send another reminder email. With the Supervisor, you could set a simple rule to send out an automatic reminder email if the customer has not gotten back with the information in, say, 24 hours. 

The supervisor runs once every hour and processes all recent tickets updated in the past 30 days. Supervisor rules are processed sequentially, but a rule may cause certain actions that trigger subsequent rules.

Quick guide for creating a Supervisor rule:

  • Click on Admin > Automation & Productivity > Automation > Supervisor Rules. 
  • Select the New Rule button.
  • Enter an appropriate name and description for the rule.
  • Create conditions which act as a trigger for this particular rule.
  • Choose the condition elements from the drop-down list and define the condition filters.
  • You can add additional conditions by clicking on Add new condition.

  • Specify whether all the conditions need to be matched or any one condition is enough to trigger the rule.
  • You can delete a condition by clicking on the corresponding - symbol.
  • Add the first task you would like to perform by selecting an Action from the drop-down list.
  • For example, to set the ticket status as “High”, select “Set Status as” in the first drop-down list and choose “High”.
  • Add more actions by clicking on the Add new action option.
  • You can delete any action by clicking on the - symbol.
  • Hit Save once you are done to save the supervisor rule.

The list of supervisor rules created will be listed in the Supervisor page. You can also Edit an existing entry or Delete/Deactivate it by hovering over the option and choosing Edit or Delete/Deactivate.