Apart from the usual ticket fields like the requestor’s email, subject and description, you can customize the fields in any of your forms to suit your needs and the kind of request queries you handle everyday. To create new fields, drag and drop additional Field Types from the top of the Custom Ticket Form. Click on any field on the form to edit its properties and customize it.

The different types of fields available in Freshservice:

Custom Ticket Fields

Examples of where to use

Single line text

Customer name


Order ID, Phone number, etc.

Paragraph Text

Additional description or notes


Subscriptions purchased by customer

Drop down

Country, state and product purchased

Multi-Select Dropdown

Applications, Hobbies, Locations, etc.

Dependent Fields

Product - Problem category - Issue

In addition to the fields that you create, there are a few default fields in your field templates that cannot be removed by the user. These fields control important processes in Freshservice

The list of default fields available in Freshservice:

Default Fields

What this is and why it is important

Requestor **

Customer’s email address


Ticket subject helps you get quick context


Helps distinguish between incidents and service requests


Shows the current status of the ticket


Shows whether the ticket is Urgent, High, Medium or Low Priority ticket


Agent group that the ticket is assigned to


Agent who is currently assigned and working on the ticket


Detailed description of the ticket

UrgencyDetermines how soon an incident should be resolved
ImpactThe effect an incident has on service levels
Category*A 3-tiered dependent field to help categorize tickets

* Customizable Field

** Cannot be deleted


1. 'Urgency', 'Impact' and 'Category' might not be visible for accounts created before these fields were added. You can add 'Urgency' and 'Impact' by enabling Priority Matrix and add 'Category' by going to Field Templates in the Admin console.

2. If you already use a custom field for 'Category', you can contact us at support@freshservice.com to migrate the values for all existing tickets.