Once you have decided to go ahead with your change, it is important that you get your agenda in order by coming up with a Rollout plan. Similarly, a Backout plan is critical for restoring services back to normal when things don’t go right. You can use Freshservice to clearly lay out all of your plans and set the direction for your change before it gets performed by your engineering team.

To add a rollout/backout plan 

  1. Click the Changes button on the left pane. By default, the view page will consist of your new and open changes. To select a different view, click the Changes dropdown and choose one from the list.  
  2. Click on a Change to view details. 
  3. Under Planning, click the Rollout Plan field box and a description field will open. You can add information, insert images and links, and also attach files to supplement your report. 
  4. Similarly, click the Backout plan field box and enter the necessary information
  5. Once you’re done adding relevant information, click Add to save your changes.