In addition to adding requesters manually, you could also import all of your existing contacts from your previous setup or application. All you need to do is do an export of your contacts into a CSV file as a list and upload it into Freshservice.

Before you begin, please ensure that your file complies with the following requirements:

1. The file must be in the form of a properly formatted CSV file. Other formats aren’t supported.

2. The first row of the file must contain the header, preferably with field names similar to the ones inside your contacts (Name, Email, Job Title, Description etc.).

Quick guide to importing your requesters into Freshservice:

  • Go to Admin> Requesters. Click on the Import link and select Import from CSV.

  • On the next page, click on Choose file and select the CSV file. Read the instructions displayed on the page and click Import.

  • On the next page, map the fields in the CSV with the corresponding requester fields in Freshservice, and click Import.

Once done, you will be able to view the new requesters in the list by going to Admin> Requesters. They will also be available across Freshservice whenever you raise a ticket.

Note: While Importing, Please use E-mail address for the field "Reporting Manager". This field won't get imported, if you are going to use "Names".

Also, kindly ensure that you are adding all the locations in Admin->Locations before importing. The value for this field will be left blank if the locations are not added in the Admin->Locations.