Draft workspace: Any workspace added to the account is created in draft mode. A draft workspace is a workspace that is being built, configured, and taking shape but not yet published. The draft mode ensures a secure space to configure a workspace and gives the necessary time to build the same. Any activity in the draft mode will not be exposed to non-members and hence will not impact the support portal in any way. Thus no tickets can be raised to the draft workspace from the support portal. However, agents can raise tickets to this workspace from the agent portal and workspace settings cn

Requesters cannot submit tickets or access service items/solution articles until the admin publishes the workspace to them. 

Published workspace: Once a workspace has been set up, it can be published to requesters from Workspace Settings > Workspace > Publish. 

After that, requesters will be able to view service catalog items and solution articles configured in the workspace. They will also be able to select the workspace in the "Report an Issue" form and raise a ticket to the workspace directly. The name of the field will however be exposed as "Issue related to" instead of "Workspace" to requesters. Admins can choose to hide this field from Global Settings > Field Manager > Workspace Field.