Perform operations on Smartsheet users, groups, sheets, rows, discussions and, comments via Workflow Automator


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

User Management

  1. Lookup User by Email
  2. Get User
  3. Update User
  4. Add User
  5. Remove User

Group Management

  1. Get Group
  2. Create Group
  3. Update Group
  4. Delete Group
  5. Add Group Members
  6. Remove Group Members

Sheet Management

  1. Create Sheet from Template
  2. Create Sheet in Folder from Template
  3. Create Sheet in Workspace from Template
  4. Get Sheet
  5. Update Sheet
  6. Delete Sheet

Row Management

  1. Add Row
  2. Update Row
  3. Get Row
  4. Delete Rows

Discussion Management

  1. Create Discussion On Row With A Ticket Attachment
  2. Create Discussion on Row
  3. Create Discussion on Sheet with A Ticket Attachment
  4. Create Discussion on Sheet

Comment Management

  1. Create Comment with A Ticket Attachment
  2. Create Comment



Create an API access token from your Smartsheet account:

  1. In the bottom-left corner, select Account.

  2. From the menu Select Apps & Integration

  3. In the popup menu, select API Access.

  4. Select Generate new access token.

  5. Enter a name and click OK.

Save the new access token somewhere safe. After you leave the page, you no longer have access to the token.

App Installation Parameter

To install and authenticate the app in Orchestration Center, the following inputs are to be provided:

  1. Config Name - Using Config Name, give a unique name for this account’s integration with Freshservice. This name is only for your reference to manage your integrations with multiple Smartsheet instances.

  2. API Access Token - The Personal access token of a Smartsheet account. Refer to the prerequisite steps in this document.

  3. Freshservice Domain - The domain of your Freshservice tenant. Example: yourorganization.freshservice.com

  4. Freshservice API Key - Log in to your Freshservice tenant. Click on your profile icon then "Profile Settings" on the right side pane, under "Your API Key" complete the captcha and copy your API key.