Note: This migration will be done in phases. We will communicate more details by email before your account is migrated. If you haven't received our communications yet, please reach out to to check your account's migration status before making the following changes.


We’re currently using Sendgrid to manage all the notifications emails in Freshservice. Going forward, we’ll be migrating to our own email server for sending these emails.


Migration to Freshworks Email Service comes with,

  1. Provides enhanced security with TLS encryption (enforced) and DKIM,

  2. Prevents the handling of emails and data by third-party service providers

  3. Offers better email delivery times


This migration will be effective from the 3rd of November, 2020 and will take place between 3 PM - 5 PM IST. There will be no impact or service disruption due to this migration as this is related to Email service.

Note: If you do not have whitelisted IPs and SPF records set up for Freshservice, you will have no impact due to this migration. You will continue to receive emails as expected. 


If you have whitelisted IPs and SPF records, please ensure that you do the following:

1. Update your Freshservice SPF Record

2. Whitelist the mentioned IP Ranges on your Firewalls or Exchange Servers.

Updating your SPF Record

A Sender Policy Framework record (commonly known as SPF) will ensure that emails sent from the specified domain are not marked as spam by any email clients. It can be done quickly, a matter of minutes, by modifying your DNS.



Setting up an SPF Record

  • Go to your domain registrar's website.

  • Login to the domain control panel.

  • Open your DNS configuration settings.

  • Edit your ZONE File and look for TXT or SPF record.

  • Include the following value: 
    v=spf1 ~all 

Whitelisting IP Ranges

 If you have already whitelisted Freshservice IPs due to proxy or firewall restrictions, 

  • Whitelist the following new IP Ranges on your Firewalls or Exchange Servers. 

  • Please do not remove your existing whitelisted IPs.