Problem automators can be configured for Problems based on Events, matching certain conditions and performing actions.  For example, you can set up an automator to automatically assign a problem to a particular group or agent when it meets certain criteria.

Follow these simple steps to configure problem automators in Freshservice:

  1. Navigate to ‘Admin’ from the menu. Under the ‘Automation & Productivity’ section, click on ‘Workflow Automator.’
  2. By default, the Tickets module will be selected. Click the dropdown Icon and select the Problems module.
  3. Click on ‘New Workflow’ and choose Event based workflow option.

  4. Give your rule a title and description, choose the module as Problems, and click Create.
  5. Set the Event as Problem is reported.
  6. Drag and drop a Condition block and set the conditions as per your business requirements.
  7. Drag and drop an Action block and choose the action you wish to perform.
  8. Click Activate to enable the automation rule to work on upcoming problems.