Freshservice lets you assign assets to different departments and users in your organization. It makes it easy for department heads and managers to control who gets to use an asset.

You can also assign a manager directly from the properties for the assets. 

A quick guide to assigning assets to users and departments:

  1. Login to Freshservice as an administrator or technician.
  2. Click on the Assets -> Inventory tab.
  3. Search and click on the asset you wish to update.
  4. Under the Properties section on the sidebar, assign the asset to a person by using the Used by field.
  5. Similarly, assign the asset to a department if necessary.
  6. Click on Update to finalize your changes.

    Assigning assets to different users and departments

    1. What permission is required to view the asset management module?

    Navigate to Admin / Global Settings if you have more than one workspace > Roles > Create a role with required inventory permissions as mentioned below.

    2. Unable to update the Department field for an asset. Encountered "Department and Used By combination is not valid" error. 

    Ensure the user in the "Used by" field belongs to the Department you are trying to update.