When your users have an issue, the first thing they need from you is a way to get past the problem, not a month-long root cause analysis. Of course, you need to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it once and for all. But in the interim, you must give your requesters a workaround to their problem. 

Every solution article you post in your Freshservice knowledge base can be tagged as a Permanent Solution or a temporary Workaround. Here is why they are different (and why that is important):


A workaround is essentially a temporary measure to reduce or eliminate the impact of an Incident or a Problem. It can be used to fix the user's issue until a permanent solution can be implemented.

For instance, if a Windows 7 machine runs low on memory, you disable startup programs as a temporary fix.

Difference between Workaround and Permanent Solution

Permanent Solution

A permanent solution is one that completely resolves the underlying Problem by eliminating its root cause. It prevents any more Incidents from being caused by the said Problem.

For instance, if you install additional RAM on the machine and that completely eliminates memory-related error messages.