It doesn’t make sense for your help desk to take weekends into account in your SLA policies. Otherwise Monday morning SLA reports will be quite threatening to your helpdesk. For this, Freshservice offers two different ways in which you can calculate your SLAs - calendar hours which includes your working hours as well as holidays, Business hours which denotes only your official working hours.

Understanding Business Hours:

Business Hours refer to the working hours of your company. When chosen, anything outside your working hours, including calls will not be timed by Freshservice. Business hours are preferable most use cases with low and medium priority. You can specify the timings with respect to your company Business Hours in the Admin tab. You can also set business hours for every day of the week separately.  

Understanding Calendar Hours:

Calendar hours are regular full-day hours and they cover everything round the clock. If you are promising your requesters 24x7 support, you should be clocking in Calendar hours instead of Business Hours in your SLA Policy. Usually, they are suited for high priority and urgent priority tickets, which require immediate attention from your team, even if it's a weekend or a holiday.

For example, if a ticket is due in six hours on a friday evening and if the SLA is in business hours, then you are good to resolve it on Monday whereas if it is in calendar hours, then its better to resolve it immediately for a neat SLA report.

Quick guide to defining business hours in Freshservice:

  • Login to your account as an administrator.
  • Go to Admin > General Settings > Business Hours.
  • Next to Default Business Hours, click on the Edit button.
  • Define working hours based on your organization’s needs.
  • You can take out non-working days from your business calendar by unchecking them.
  • In case you work on different timings everyday, you could define them separately.
  • Click on the Save button to finalize your saves and update your default Business Hours..

In addition to this, you could also set up multiple business hours for different groups in Freshservice and control the way SLAs work for them individually. They can be used to manage teams working on different shifts or regions.