The Freshservice + Genesys Cloud CTI integration is designed to bridge the capabilities of Genesys' robust calling functionality with Freshservice's enterprise-grade service management. Please follow the below steps to install and use Genesys within the Freshservice dashboard.



The following are the prerequisites for installing Genesys Cloud CTI integration with Freshservice

1. Admin level access for the Freshservice account
2. Active Genesys account license and login details

3. The CTI Framework app must be installed and configured

Here are the steps on how to install the CTI Framework app:

  1. Log into Freshservice, go to Admin > Apps

  2. Search and open the CTI framework App, click on Install 

  3. Turn ON the Enable Softphone Iframe toggle

  4. Enter the following Iframe URL{{agent_id}}

  5. Set the height to 600 px and the width to 420 px

  6. Click on update to install.

How to install and activate Genesys Cloud CTI in your Freshservice account

Once you finish installing the CTI framework app, please follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Click on the cloud CTI icon from the sidebar. This will appear below the settings icon.

  2. Once you click on the icon, the Genesys Cloud CTI widget will appear

  3. Enter your domain URL and Admin API key to connect and authenticate your Genesys account. Note: To locate the Admin API key, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of your Freshservice account and go to profile settings.

  1. Select the Genesys cloud region based on your account’s Genesys cloud region. To find your Genesys account’s cloud region, please refer to the following article - How to find my Genesys region.

  2. Enter your Genesys login credentials to start using the app.

How to make an outbound call

To make an outbound call open the widget, click on the the menu option in the top left corner of the widget, click on new interaction. 

Add the name you want displayed at the receiver’s end on ‘On behalf of the queue’ field. Enter the number to be dialed on the ‘Name or number field’. Now click on the call CTA.

Once you click on the call button you can see the active call highlighted in the widget.

How to attend an inbound call

Whenever there is an inbound call, the call will flash on the Genesys widget within the dashboard. The agent can click on the call to attend it.

Call capabilities

The following are the call capabilities available for an agent when they are managing a call.

 An agent can:

  • Transfer the call to another agent

  • Mute the call

  • Disconnect the call

  • Put the call on hold

How to create a ticket and associate it with a call

Once the call is complete, you will get an option to either create a new ticket or update an existing ticket. Click on ‘Create new ticket’ and enter all the necessary information to log the ticket.

Only the mandatory ticket fields will be displayed while creating a ticket from the widget.

How to map and update an existing ticket based on the call

Once the call is complete, you will get an option to either create a new ticket or update an existing ticket. Click on existing ticket to view all the tickets associated with the particular phone number.

If there are no tickets associated with the particular phone number, you will see the message no tickets found for this phone number displayed on the widget.

Call summary and adding notes to the call

Whenever a new ticket is created or an existing ticket is updated after a call, a conversation summary gets added to the ticket. The conversation summary contains the call direction, from and to details, call duration, and the agent's name.

For an existing ticket, the note can be added while updating the ticket. But for new tickets, a note can be added only after the ticket is created.

Agents can add either a public or a private note to the ticket. Public notes can be edited by other agents whereas private notes cannot be edited by anyone else.