Note: This article is on the new Sandbox which is now enabled for Enterprise plan customers. For Freshservice's current Sandbox version click here. Click here to learn more about its phase-out plan.

Sandbox is exclusive to Enterprise plan customers in Freshservice. 

Only admins with “Play God with Super Admin” permissions can create a Sandbox.

Creating Sandbox

To create a Sandbox:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Sandbox.

  2. In the ‘Sandbox’ tab, click ‘Create Sandbox’.

  3. Enter a name and description and click ‘Create’.

Sandbox creation takes a few to several minutes, depending on the volume of data in the Production instance. Once a copy is created, the user who initiated sandbox creation receives a confirmation email.


  • In workspace-enabled accounts, all the published and drafted workspaces are copied into the Sandbox instance upon creation.


1. What does the Sandbox URL look like? 

Freshservice uses the name given to the Sandbox at the time of creation to construct the URL

For example, If your account URL is, the Sandbox (named ‘Dev’) will have the URL

Note: The Sandbox URL remains unaffected by the changes made to the name field later.

2. Can I test app integrations in the Sandbox environment?

Yes, you will have to use the Sandbox URL when the application is integrated.