In the dynamic landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) management, maintaining precise and efficient software information is crucial. Duplicate entries clutter the interface, creating confusion for administrators and hindering effective management.

Introducing Software prioritization by source, which eliminates duplicate entries and ensures only relevant software information is displayed. This article will detail our approach in handling software duplicates, outlining the steps we've taken to enhance the software application experience for our users.

Removing duplicates caused by multiple sources 

Sources via which software gets discovered in Freshservice. 

  • Direct Integration Data

  • IDP discovery data 

  • Agent/Probe discovery

  • Manually added software data

When a specific software is identified through various sources such as Identity Providers (IDP), Direct Software Integrations, and Discovery Agents/Probe, priority will be given to the software discovered through direct integrations on the software list view page.

Any duplicates discovered from other sources will be automatically moved to the ignored list, ensuring a streamlined and accurate software inventory. 

Case 1: Upon installation of a direct integration such as Zoom or Slack while maintaining an active Identity Provider (IDP) integration, any software identified by the IDP will be moved to an ignored status.

Case 2: Conversely, if an IDP integration is installed while a direct integration exists, software identified by the IDP will similarly be moved to an ignored status.

Note: With an active SaaS addon for your account, the default filter on your software list view will display only software of type as 'SaaS.' This helps prevent duplicates from sources such as Agent/Probe discovery and manually added software data.

Modifying the status of the software from the Ignored list

You will encounter the following error if you try to modify the status of the software that was moved to the ignored list due to duplicate entries. 

To make any changes to this ignored software, please reach out to

Removing duplicates caused by the same source

When a software integration, such as Azure AD or Gsuite, is uninstalled, our system takes proactive measures to ensure data accuracy and real-time representation. Any related software data linked to the uninstalled integration is automatically removed from the software list view page. 

This streamlined process ensures that your software inventory is consistently up-to-date, reflecting the most accurate and current status of your integrated applications.