1. When is the dark mode beta release? 
    Dark mode will be enabled for public beta starting the 22nd of December, 2023. 

  2. How can I enable dark mode on fresh service?

For the web agent portal-

  1. Navigate to your Profile icon.

  2. Click on Theme

  3. Select Dark Mode.


            For the mobile app-

  1. Go to Settings in the mobile app.

  2. Click on Theme

  3. Select Dark Mode.

  1. Why are the reports still in light mode?

As part of this beta release, our Analytics and reporting module does not support dark mode yet and will continue to be on light mode. 

  1. Why are some of the user's default avatar images not visible in dark mode?

As part of this beta release, the user’s avatar images are not adjusted to dark mode. We are working on it, and soon, the avatar images will be compliant in dark mode. 

  1. Can I default to my device theme?

Yes, you can. In the ‘Theme’ selection menu, simply select the ‘System Default’ option, and the app will rely on your device’s theme settings for light or dark mode.

  1. Are any other custom themes available on Freshservice?

Currently, we only support dark and light themes. We do not support any other themes as yet.

  1. I do not see the settings to enable a dark theme on the support portal

We have enabled dark mode only on the web agent portal and mobile app for now. We have not implemented dark mode on the support portal as yet. Once we have an update, we will share it with you.

  1. I do not see the settings to enable a dark theme on the mobile app

Dark mode is available only on the latest version of the app. Please update the app to see the dark mode in the settings.

  1. I am seeing some glitches on my screen when I enable dark mode. What do I do?

This is a beta release, and we look forward to your feedback to improve the experience. Please share your feedback with us at support@freshservice.com, and we will work on it.

  1. If I enable dark mode on the web agent portal, will it also be enabled on the mobile app and vice versa?

This is a device-specific setting. If you enable it on the web, it will not be enabled on the mobile app and vice versa. Based on how and when you use the mobile app, you can define the theme setting to suit your preference, which does not rely on the web settings. We want to give users the flexibility to define this preference for each platform.

  1. Can I enable dark mode for all employees in the organization if I have admin privilege? 

This is a user-specific and device-specific setting. Only the end user can enable or disable dark mode for the individual platforms (web or mobile app) based on their preference from their account. 

  1. Why does my left panel look different in dark mode?

The left panel color is customizable by your account admins to align with the company’s brand guidelines, and hence, it does not change when you enable dark mode.