Canned Response Suggester (CRS) and Solution Article Suggester (SAS), which are two legacy Freddy features, will be discontinued by May 1, 2024.

Why are we discontinuing CAS and SAS?

The new Reply Suggester, which is part of our Freddy Copilot offering, is an enhanced version of both CRS and SAS. The Reply Suggester can draft the most suitable reply (in addition to suggesting Solution Articles) based on the ticket title and description, instead of only providing links to solution articles or inserting pre-saved canned responses. 

This eliminates the need for SAS or CRS, makes the agent’s job much easier, and also provides the employee with a context-driven and standardized-quality reply.

CRS and SAS are therefore being discontinued, and the Freshservice team will focus on enhancing the capabilities of Reply Suggester.

What will change with this discontinuation?

Both CRS and SAS will not be available after this discontinuation.


  • Reply Suggester is currently in public beta and will be available as a paid feature starting Feb 5th, 2024.
  • Users will be able to create and use canned responses and solution articles. Only the ‘suggester’ (that intuitively suggests responses or articles) will be discontinued.

Who will be impacted by this discontinuation?

If you were using either CRS or SAS, you will be impacted by this discontinuation. 

What can you do?

Try out the Reply Suggester feature in Freddy Copilot. It is on public beta till the end of 2023. You can then choose to purchase the feature.

If you have further queries, please write to us at