Note: Freddy Insights Beta is available on the Pro and Enterprise plans for free through the Beta phase, after which this will be a paid add-on. Pricing for the same will be communicated shortly. 

High-performing decision-makers need quick levers to rely on to make their decisions and take action. Managing and tracking multiple bulky reports becomes cumbersome and time-consuming. All they need is the right information at the right time to make proactive, informed decisions without delay.

With Freddy insights, equip decision-makers with the right insights at the right time in a conversational way. With volumes of service desk data available at Freddy-AI’s disposal, it can identify key trends, anomalies, and insights to flesh out and highlight so that proactive measures can be taken immediately. 

All this while not managing bulky reports - just ask GPT-powered Freddy-AI for insights and you will get them instantly. 


Where can you find it?

2. Enable the toggle for Freddy Insights

Note: This Beta also enables Knowledge insights for you in the Solutions module. You can learn more about Knowledge insights here

Insights supported currently 


Trend insights (Weekly and Monthly)

Attributes considered

Trending Issues

Survey Score

Trend changes 



Overall Trend


Longest increase (Only weekly)

Longest decrease (Only weekly)


Incoming ticket volume


SLA violated tickets

Category, Agent name

Average resolution time


Average first response time


Resolved tickets


Resolution status


Insights about Trending Issues will be surfaced under the following conditions:

  • 24 hours from the time the toggle has been turned on
  • At least one group in the account should have atleast 20 incidents updated in the last 90 days

Explore auto-generated insights and take action with Proactive Insights

To run an operationally efficient organization, it’s important to drive informed decisions while spending optimal time and resources on sourcing insights. With Freddy, get the right insights and the right time when you need to act on it.

Freddy monitors and analyzes your service desk to flesh out timely insights for you. You can stay on top of insights about trends, outliers, and top increasing/decreasing metrics and take action as needed. 

To improve self-service, creating help articles relevant to real employee issues is important to cater to their questions and concerns. With Freddy-AI, you can identify the top trending topics about which your employees have raised tickets, and you can auto-generate help articles from public sources to enable them to self-serve when they face the same issues again. 

Freddy Insight - Trending employee issues identified

How to act on it?

  • Click on the insight. 

  • Freddy will now show you the top issues that were frequently reported by your employees as tickets.

  • You can now see more information about one of these issues or prompt Freddy to show other trending employee issues.

  • Once you choose to see more information about an issue, you’ll see the number of tickets raised and some sample tickets for you to understand the issue.

  • You can now choose to generate a solution article to deflect this issue the next time an employee reports it. 

  • Once you click on “Help me generate a solution article to deflect this”, an article is generated by Freddy from publicly available sources.

  • You can now click on the article, review it, and hit publish.

Use case 2: Dicing down the ticket volume increase observed in a week

  • Click on the insight. You will see the ticket volume trend pulled up by Freddy.

  • You can now dice it down further by mentioning your criteria to Freddy. For example: you can ask Freddy to show the Tickets created in the last week by Agent group. Freddy will then generate a report for you.

  • You can go on to dice it further with queries like Show the distribution of network group tickets by its categories. Again, Freddy will generate the report for you instantly. 

Building charts and graphs conversationally with Conversational analytics

With quick decision-making being a mandate in dynamic enterprises, cumbersome SQL-based report building can potentially slow things down. With Freddy’s conversational analytics skip querying and build charts and reports by conversing with Freddy. Perform actions like creating charts, adding/removing metrics, and applying filters through simple text commands.

Interact through a conversational interface to simplify the report-building experience

  • In the “Ask me anything” bar, type in the graph or chart you’d like to see

  • If Freddy finds relevant data on this, it will build the graphs/charts for you.

  • You can also further dice it down as needed. 

Things to Note

  • Once the Freddy insights module is enabled, your service desk insights will be available only after 24 hours.

  • Freddy might not be able to build charts and graphs (or) flesh out certain insights when there is insufficient data

Roles and privileges

  • Freddy insights will be enabled by default for all Admins, Account admins and Supervisors.

  • You can enable Freddy insights for custom roles by selecting Administration > Freddy Insights