Important Note:

  • If you haven't enabled email approvals yet, refer to this article to enable approvals. 

  • If you signed up after September 15, 2023, you are already equipped with the new experience when you check ‘Enable email approvals’ and do not need to take any other action.

  • This feature will be available to all accounts on Growth, Pro, and Enterprise plans starting September 28, 2023.

What's New:

We've introduced an enhanced email approval experience, allowing approvers to swiftly approve or reject Tickets and Change requests by simply clicking the dedicated "Approve" or "Reject" Buttons within their email notifications. Upon clicking, a pre-composed email will prompt users to hit "Send" to confirm their decision.

Action Required:

If you’ve currently checked the ‘Enable email approval’ in the email notifications settings, please remove the existing text template for a seamless transition.

Navigate to Admin > Email notifications > Tickets > Agent notification > Service request approval for ticket approvals (or) Admin > Email notifications > Changes > Agent notifications > Notify CAB member for change approvals.

As shown in the image below, please remove the text that has been highlighted with the red box.

With the new change, the approver is required to include additional remarks in the second line when rejecting the request.

Please note that this is an account-level configuration, and we cannot perform this transition on your behalf.


What Happens If You Don't Take Action? 

Failure to make this change will result in the appearance of buttons below the existing text format, potentially causing confusion for your approvers. We strongly recommend taking immediate action to ensure a frictionless approval process.