The first workspace created in the account is tagged as the primary workspace. It functions as follows:

  • Any ticket raised will be assigned to the primary workspace if its destination workspace cannot be identified. 

  • If the workspace field has not been enabled for the ‘Report an Issue’ form on the support portal, tickets will be assigned to the primary workspace. If a global workflow rule has been configured, it will route the ticket to the right workspace.

  • If a ticket has been created through a marketplace app, integrations, or API call and the value for the Workspace field is not specified, that ticket will be directed to the primary workspace. 

  • Marketplace Apps that reference your service desk’s form fields can only refer to the primary workspace’s form fields. 

  • Any API request from an integration/custom app/workflow that creates data or retrieves a list of data requires information of the workspace where data needs to be created/retrieved from. In the absence of the workspace ID, the data will be created/pulled from the primary workspace.

Note: Tickets raised via the Service Catalog will be routed to the home workspace of the service item. Tickets raised via email will be assigned to the home workspace of that email address.