A modern employee experience for your workforce means that every employee can access your support services from anywhere, anytime. With Servicebot on Microsoft Teams and Slack, you can do just that. 

Enable your employees to raise tickets and get instant ticket/approval notifications right within their collaboration apps. 

With our latest enhancement to Servicebot, requester actions are no longer restricted to just the Enterprise plan. Requesters across plans can now use Servicebot on Slack and Microsoft Teams to:

  • Create tickets about their issues

  • Approve and reject tickets

  • Get notified instantly about approval and ticket lifecycle updates

  • Add replies and comments on tickets / approvals 

Features supported for requesters across plans

Raise tickets using the bot

Get ticket notifications for tickets created or ticket status changes. You can also reply to ticket from the notification card.

Get approval notifications and approve / reject approvals

View list of tickets and approvals from the Slack home tab